Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sinclair refinery

We are back at Sinclair refinery for another turn around.working 7-12's...and our shift is night shift 6:30-6:30...boy is it cold out there.
My daughter was doing confined space watch on top of the reactors.This is overlooking the Hydrocracker unit.
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I wish everyone a safe evening/morning.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sinclair oil refinery

Hello,We made it over 1,000 miles from Arkansas to Rawlins,Wy. To work a shutdown for Sinclair Oil. I am doing firewatch and confined space attendee for the workers doing the shutdown.
There are many dangers of working in this refinery,such as H2S,andBenzene.We are working in the Hydrocracker area of the plant.I never thought I would work in such a dangerous area. The risks are UNseen.I am happy to be working and doing my part to protect the workers when they are welding or in a confined space.Here is a picture of the plant at night.(the shift my husband and I are working)I would like to say,we have alot of dangers just to use gas and oil products..DEADLY dangers,H2S can kill you in a matter of seconds!!Please feel free to check the links for more information,it has helped me for being in this plant and seeing how it works.Have a GREAT,SAFE day!,Amy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hammer time

I know I am a quilter,but I am not afraid of hard work or getting my hands dirty.
My husband and I were working on a 665 MW.pulverized coal-fired power plant.Not only do we work hard,but when we can we try to have fun.This is a view from 156 ft. up in the air.
Here is my husband trying not to get hammerdrilled... a hammer drill is what it says. It is a drill that also hammers,making it good for drilling holes into concrete.
Although working that high in the air is not the funnest,having to wear harness and lifelines at ALL times,The views were gorgeous!!

This is all I have to post right now,I have only been out there and did not have my camera with me.Be safe,and thanks for visiting,Amy

sorry for such a long abscence.

I am sorry for neglecting this blog, sometimes life gets in the way when you least expect it.Right now my husband is working on a factory. Nothing real big.I will try to post some pictures when I get some.Be safe and thanks for visiting,Amy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


HELLO!! Yes we are still alive and kicking, right now My husband is working on a compressor station for the pipeline that comes out of Alberta, Canada.This is a 4160 transformer they were setting last week.

This is for TransCanada it is the Keystone pipeline.Thanks for visiting , Be SAFE out there.Amy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coal Crusher

These are some pictures of a coal crusher hubby and daughter worked on in Wyoming.This is the crusher wheel
Here they are putting up the walls
This is the transfer building,
there is my Hubby,"Joey" aka.. sparky
Thanks for visiting, Amy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

lunch time

My friend Mike over at tradejobs gave me this picture of some guys that were working in our area, they are pipefitters
some of them are pure crazy, like monkeys..I don't have a picture of them hanging from steel..
sorry about guys rear end view.. no idea who it was..
Be safe, Amy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new.old pics

This is my daughter Shea, she does construction also. Shea started doing construction right after graduating.
she has worked several industrial jobs, this was for TIC doing an Ethanol plant in Ohio.
this next picture she was doing wind generators over in Mn.
Here is a picture of part of an overland conveyor she and sparky step dad worked on in Wright Wyoming,
thanks for visiting, Amy

Monday, February 16, 2009

This is the switchyard for a power plant, this one is gas/steam generated.The gas heats the water , turns into steams wich turns the turbines.. makes electricity. then the water goes into the cooling towers.
Thanks for visiting, Amy

Sunday, February 15, 2009

St.Vrain Power Plant

This is a switch yard circuit breaker.
It is not hooked up,but I am sure you have seen these before. if not for these you could not have electric power.have a safe one!, Amy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welding Caps

I make and sell these reversible welding caps. they are U.S.$8.00
welding caps
They fit welders,riggers,fitters,sparkies. anyone with a round head...
I do not have my site up and running yet to sell with Pay Pal, but feel free to E-mail me, Thanks Amy

New Picture

This picture was sent to me by fellow tradesman,Larry, he was working for Cornhusker Eng. Lexaton Ne 2005-06
I would like to say HOORAH to all the tradesmen/women in the construction field. Alot of people do not understand what we do.
We get bad reputations for working hard and playing just as hard.
I was telling a person I met about how we found work.. either HotSheets
or the good ole' cell phone and contacts we meet on the road.
We share camaraderie, Although alot of trades knock the other trades. Myself I do NOT discriminate. It takes ALL trades to build something,how could welders weld without electric? How could electricians run conduit without beams and so forth.
Anyways, the economy is really screwed up right now, and we all know how ya coud drag a job and find another quick or even find a job while working on a job..
what is sad is how construction companies are jumping on the cut wages bandwagon..they will see when they pay peanuts they will get monkeys.. Then when shit hits the fan.They call in the experienced who would not settle for chicken feed
to fix things. Right now we are working at a cement plant near Denver Co. and have made friends with some folks for T.I.C. one of them is a safety man and his wife is security.Thanks Larry for sending me the picture. anyone else want to share feel free. Thanks and be safe,, Amy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

construction chat

Hello, All construction and non-construction visitors. This site was set up to share stories and pictures of where we have been,what we do and people we meet.
First I am Amy, an electrical apprentice. my husband is "Joey" in the field.
I am posting a picture of us
As you can see Hubby has worked for Nepco on the Gila Bend Power Project back in 2002-03.
The picture was taken in Fairmont Mn. We were both working for T.I.C. building an ethanol plant.
I will not post pictures of people without their permission, but if you see someone you recognize and have lost touch with them. please feel free to email me and I will try to connect.