Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sinclair oil refinery

Hello,We made it over 1,000 miles from Arkansas to Rawlins,Wy. To work a shutdown for Sinclair Oil. I am doing firewatch and confined space attendee for the workers doing the shutdown.
There are many dangers of working in this refinery,such as H2S,andBenzene.We are working in the Hydrocracker area of the plant.I never thought I would work in such a dangerous area. The risks are UNseen.I am happy to be working and doing my part to protect the workers when they are welding or in a confined space.Here is a picture of the plant at night.(the shift my husband and I are working)I would like to say,we have alot of dangers just to use gas and oil products..DEADLY dangers,H2S can kill you in a matter of seconds!!Please feel free to check the links for more information,it has helped me for being in this plant and seeing how it works.Have a GREAT,SAFE day!,Amy

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  1. Hello Amy! Now I found you here! That photos is so beautiful! But your work - wow interesting and perhaps dangerous, too!
    Go to see more...
    xxx Teje