Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hammer time

I know I am a quilter,but I am not afraid of hard work or getting my hands dirty.
My husband and I were working on a 665 MW.pulverized coal-fired power plant.Not only do we work hard,but when we can we try to have fun.This is a view from 156 ft. up in the air.
Here is my husband trying not to get hammerdrilled... a hammer drill is what it says. It is a drill that also hammers,making it good for drilling holes into concrete.
Although working that high in the air is not the funnest,having to wear harness and lifelines at ALL times,The views were gorgeous!!

This is all I have to post right now,I have only been out there and did not have my camera with me.Be safe,and thanks for visiting,Amy

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