Tuesday, February 10, 2009

construction chat

Hello, All construction and non-construction visitors. This site was set up to share stories and pictures of where we have been,what we do and people we meet.
First I am Amy, an electrical apprentice. my husband is "Joey" in the field.
I am posting a picture of us
As you can see Hubby has worked for Nepco on the Gila Bend Power Project back in 2002-03.
The picture was taken in Fairmont Mn. We were both working for T.I.C. building an ethanol plant.
I will not post pictures of people without their permission, but if you see someone you recognize and have lost touch with them. please feel free to email me and I will try to connect.


  1. Wow. This blog will be interesting. You are so brave to do the work you do. God will always be with you and guide you to the next stop. Thank you for sharing with us.