Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Picture

This picture was sent to me by fellow tradesman,Larry, he was working for Cornhusker Eng. Lexaton Ne 2005-06
I would like to say HOORAH to all the tradesmen/women in the construction field. Alot of people do not understand what we do.
We get bad reputations for working hard and playing just as hard.
I was telling a person I met about how we found work.. either HotSheets
or the good ole' cell phone and contacts we meet on the road.
We share camaraderie, Although alot of trades knock the other trades. Myself I do NOT discriminate. It takes ALL trades to build something,how could welders weld without electric? How could electricians run conduit without beams and so forth.
Anyways, the economy is really screwed up right now, and we all know how ya coud drag a job and find another quick or even find a job while working on a job..
what is sad is how construction companies are jumping on the cut wages bandwagon..they will see when they pay peanuts they will get monkeys.. Then when shit hits the fan.They call in the experienced who would not settle for chicken feed
to fix things. Right now we are working at a cement plant near Denver Co. and have made friends with some folks for T.I.C. one of them is a safety man and his wife is security.Thanks Larry for sending me the picture. anyone else want to share feel free. Thanks and be safe,, Amy


  1. Your welcome amy, I hope the job in denver is going well for you guys.


    Larrball (welder)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Take care and be safe.